Meet on the battlefield of ideas. Three Headed Eagle started as a way to convey old wisdom to a modern generation. As our society has progressed over the years, some important principles and ideas have been lost. It is time to renew our appreciation for honesty, justice, compassion, integrity and virtue. It is time to promote the truth regardless of political party or affiliation. It is time to share ideas, generate inspiration, and spread information. Three Headed Eagle is where you can find all sorts of great content from political and historical videos, entertaining podcasts, insightful or controversial blogs, and more!



Adam – I graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Digital Filmmaking and Video Production from the Art Institute of Phoenix. For the past couple years I have been working in that industry as a video shooter and editor. When I started discussing ideas and beliefs with my friends, I had no idea the end result would become a multimedia website. I love history and I enjoy telling stories and Three Headed Eagle was the natural result. There are a lot of interesting, disturbing and flat out awesome things to learn when you dive into history and politics. I look forward to inspiring people to talk about issues, politics and history with the help of some awesome blogs and videos.



Jeromy – I am currently a student at Liberty University studying Constitutional Law. I chose Liberty because I believe it is one of the last places that I can get an education and not a re-education. The principles of conservatism are the only way to save the country from the economic and social problems that plague this once great nation. My three daughters, all of them under six years old, are my constant attention and their future is always on my mind. I write my blogs and books to help educate and entertain the people of this country because a more educated population will give my children a more promising future.  Without a return to truly understanding politics, civics and principles, my children and yours have a grim future ahead of them.



Stronz – I graduated from Arizona State University with a degree in Film and Media Production. Working in video production over the last 10 years has given me incredible opportunities and a wealth of experience and education. Video is my passion and it has the power inform and inspire more so than any other medium. It is time to admit that we have been fighting for too long and have missed the foundational principles of right and wrong. Because we are all clouded by bias and preconceived notions, the truth can be hard to find, but through genuine conversation and thoughtful discussion we can explore different ideas and learn to work together.